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RedTeam Product Releases: March 28th, 2023

What have we done for you? Cost Estimate Upgrade Details: Faster, more modern, and streamlined Estimate experience for Original Scope and Scope Changes Why is it important? What problem does it solve? Cost Estimating is an integral part of the preconstruction process. By providing a more approachable Cost Estimate, we make it quicker and easier […]

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RedTeam Product Releases: February 17th, 2023

WIP Report Enhancements This latest update to the WIP report in RedTeam Go will allow for more flexible and approachable usage. The enhancements mentioned below will provide Accounting Users with flexibility to manage their WIP report however they see fit. Who is impacted by this update? Anyone who manages uses the WIP report. Typically Project […]

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RedTeam Product Releases: April 22, 2022

Employee Expense Approvals We are pleased to announce the much anticipated release of Employee Expense Approvals! This new Approval Workflow allows you to route and approve Employee Expenses within your company. Much like the Invoice Approvals Workflow, you can customize the matrix for routing Expenses to the various parties who need to review and approve […]

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