RedTeam Go Product Releases: August 18, 2023

Owner Contracts Upgrade

Coming soon: An upgrade to owner contracts that gives RedTeam Go users total control over every owner contract from both an administrative and project level in an easy-to-use UI. Users will be able to set up and modify as many owner contracts as they’d like. We’re also providing a contract preparation checklist, which will display a list of all items required prior to signing the contract, and GCs will be able to request the Owner signature prior to signing the contract.

RedTeam Go Owner Contracts
RedTeam Go Owner Contracts Upgrade

Who benefits most from this update?

Anyone who manages owner contracts at the administrative or project level. 

Why would you use it?

Clients have had to rely on our team to assist with configuration of owner contract templates. This upgrade saves users time and gives them full control over their owner contracts. It also provides a new checklist to ensure teams aren’t missing any critical information before requesting Owner signatures.

Additional Information

Please note that in order to use AIA contracts, you need to have at least one active AIA license.

Additional Updates

Delete Required Documents: Users now have a way to delete a required document from Project Documents once the subcontractor has submitted it. The PM or Admin can delete a required document so the subcontractor can submit a new version.

Expenses – Duplicate Invoice Number Warning: A pop-up warns users that they are about to use a duplicate invoice number when entering expenses on the web. They can still use a duplicate number, but the warning will display to verify their choice.