RedTeam as a Procore Alternative

RedTeam’s solutions were built to support construction projects for all stakeholders, but with workflows created specifically for General Contractors. Procore was initially built with Owners in mind – key features, workflows and reports are geared toward what Owners need. Find out why RedTeam is right for you and explore our solutions by seeing them in action.

Why RedTeam is a good alternative to Procore

All three of RedTeam’s solutions were developed by contractors to solve the day-to-day challenges contractors face. The founders created these solutions to solve the challenges they experienced in running their own businesses. RedTeam therefore understands your pursuit of practical construction technology solutions for the challenges facing your construction firm.

Flexible billing, usage-based

Procore is divided into modules/product packages, each of which is priced differently and based on the Annual Construction Volume. Companies are billed annually; pricing at renewal is based on ACV and usage from the prior year and the price will not drop even if the ACV has decreased significantly. RedTeam's solutions have monthly billing options. For RedTeam Flex and RedTeam Go, pricing is based on Active Project Value, so when active project values for a month decrease versus the prior month, the monthly fee is reduced as well. RedTeam will never ask you for audited financials to determine your price. You simply pay for what you use.

All the features you've seen

With Procore clients use a Product Package Guide to determine which features come with the particular set of modules they purchase. With the paid versions of Fieldlens and RedTeam Flex you get all the product functionality in one plan - a simpler approach with no deciphering. Our paid offerings for RedTeam Go even allow you to choose between a bidding-focused, more affordable pricing version and the full product version.

Efficiency for project teams

Procore focuses on efficiency instead of risk mitigation and the potential for lost money. Their concept of ROI is focused on time saved with their processes. While many processes completed with RedTeam’s solutions can create efficiency for project teams, the ROI also comes from risk mitigation achieved through consistent workflows set at the company level and requiring all project teams to adhere to their SOPs.

Real-time WIP reports

RedTeam offers real-time WIP reports inside RedTeam Flex and RedTeam Go while Procore does not, and instead relies on accounting solutions for WIP schedules. RedTeam Flex also has robust financial reporting and visibility, capabilities that exceed the reporting and functionality available in Procore.

Granular permissions

Permissions for users can be set at a much more granular level with RedTeam’s solutions than in Procore. This is especially important when external users such as subcontractors and owners are given project access.

Create Gantt schedules

Procore has a schedule viewer and users can suggest edits to Gantt schedules, but they cannot create Gantt schedules in Procore. With RedTeam's solution, users can create Gantt schedules from scratch or upload schedules to edit or share as-is with project stakeholders.

End-to-end drawing management

RedTeam’s solutions support the entire construction workflow from design review to close-out. Our products enable real-time collaboration between contractors, subs, architects and engineers. Upload an unlimited number of drawings and manage your drawing sets and revisions. Add redline markups and compare sheet versions or compare any two sheets using the overlay feature.

Robust mobile applications for jobsite management

Procore has a robust mobile application for field management. RedTeam's solutions offer very similar functionality for jobsite management activities including daily progress tracking, RFIs, submittals, and punch and safety lists. The collaborative nature of RedTeam's products ensures that both jobsite and office teams are connected, including owners.

Track what you need where you need it

RedTeam wants to make sure you can keep track of everything happening on your construction project, from jobsite progress, to financials. With RedTeam's solutions you have the flexibility to manage relationships and track credentials for employees, vendors and owners associated with your projects, at both the project and overall company levels. Unlike Procore, RedTeam Flex enables you to track, review and approve employee expenses – whether they are project-related or overhead expenses. And with our jobsite tracking features and real-time notifications, teams in the field stay focused on what matters, so you avoid construction delays.

What makes contractors turn to RedTeam Flex?

In this guide, we cover the top reasons why contractors are turning to RedTeam Flex as a Procore alternative and how the solution can help you grow your construction business more effectively.

RedTeam Procore
Jobsite management
Mobile application for iOs and Android
Monthly billing options
Real-time WIP reports
Gantt schedule builder
Upload/viewer only
Access to all features in demos
CRM solution
Project management
Design coordination
Drawing management
Real-time collaboration
Company-level employee and vendor credentials tracking
Company-level equipment inventory tracking
Daily reports

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I have experience with both RedTeam Flex and Procore from other companies before starting my own, and I knew I was going to have construction project management software but wasn’t sure which one. After having experience with those two, I chose RedTeam Flex because it’s more user-friendly and significantly less expensive.


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