RedTeam Go Product Releases: March 15, 2024

Estimate Import for RedTeam Go

Now available: We’ve made an efficiency update for companies whose estimating teams use spreadsheets alongside takeoff software to put together quantities and amounts. You can now use our template to import an estimate into RedTeam Go. You can import an estimate and use our other powerful bidding tools, including bid solicitation and owner proposals. You’ll also have the option to import your estimate and simply manage the remainder of your project in RedTeam Go.

Estimate Import for RedTeam Go

Who benefits the most from this estimate import? Why would you use it?

Preconstruction teams and anyone who has to set up a cost estimate for estimates partially or fully built outside RedTeam Go. The estimate import will enable you to increase productivity and reduce manual errors. We’re also providing you greater flexibility over how you manage your projects.

How do you use the estimate import?

From your Bidding Worksheet, select the Import option and download the estimate import template. Paste your estimate into the template. Then choose whether you would like to replace all cost items or retain those with existing Subcontractor bids. Then manage bid solicitation and other bidding tools directly in RedTeam Go. Alternatively, you can move your project to In-Progress to set your budget and begin managing it in RedTeam Go. Check out our help article to learn more about importing an estimate.

Additional Information

To learn more about sending out invitations to bid, please check out our help article. If you’re looking to learn how to create and manage estimate templates in RedTeam Go, please review our help article.