RedTeam Product Releases: April 21, 2023

Bid Invitation Response Improvements

An improvement to the bid invitation management makes this page more user-friendly and introduces more options for our users such as enhanced filters and sorting, sending custom emails to select invitees, and new columns.

Who is impacted by this update?

Anyone who manages bid invitations to subs. Typically Preconstruction teams and Project Managers.

Why would you use it?

For even more tools and flexibility when managing bid invitations. Users can quickly see more data such as phone numbers, email addresses, DBE qualifiers, and tags in the new columns, making it easier to find this information and follow up with specific subs. As well, filters and sort options let you quickly pare down the list as needed to see only the information that you want at the moment. 

How to use this feature

There are no changes to the location of the Invitation Responses, but you now have enhanced options on this page. For instance, try out the filters and select a group of bidders to email a custom message regarding the project.

Incomplete Sub Bill Warning Message

A new warning message for your subcontractors who are creating and submitting sub bills is now intended to cut down on subs who close the page before submitting their bill. 

Who is impacted by this update?

Any subcontractors that submit sub bills. 

Why would you use it?

For the GC, this is an improvement meant to alleviate the issue of unintentionally unsubmitted bills by subcontractors. The warning message reminds the sub they need to submit their bill before leaving the page, reducing the number of accidental unsubmitted bills and ensuring you get the bills you need on time without mistakes.

How to use this feature

This warning will show automatically to the sub if they leave the page before submitting their bill. Nothing is needed on your end to activate this warning.

Planroom: Rename and Renumber Drawings

Now available are the options to rename and renumber drawings after OCR has completed processing. Previously, name and number were combined into one field and now they can be separated and updated as needed. This does not affect plan linking or the OCR process, and is an additional optional feature.  

Who is impacted by this update?

Anyone who uploads and manages drawings, typically Preconstruction teams and Project Managers.

Why would you use it?

If you want to rename or renumber sheets that were incorrectly named or numbered by the OCR process, or prefer a shortened description for the name, you can use this new feature to make those changes as you see fit.

How to use this feature

After uploading the drawings you will have the option to change the drawing description and will see the split fields for Sheet Number and Description which can be changed and saved.

Additional Updates

Project List Search: Adding the ability to search by project location using the search bar on the project list screen. Users can now search by Project Name, Estimator/PM Name, and Location

Owner Billing Division Templates: Divisions with $0 in the estimate will not appear in Owner Billing during setup when using the By Division or By Division w/ Profit Templates

Project Documents Iterations: Iterations post-release for Project Documents. These include adding the Material Vendor List to the required documents section when the subcontractor submits, and also adding functionality to allow the GC to delete submitted Required Documents as needed

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