RedTeam Go Product Releases: April 19, 2024

Project closeout feature update

We’ve made an efficiency update for your project closeout process in RedTeam Go. You can now more easily compile your required closeout documentation at the end of your projects. You’ll find the updated functionality under “Project Export”, previously referred to as “Project Backup”. The updated user interface (UI) creates a more streamlined experience while allowing for a more comprehensive list of project documents to be selected when requesting a project export.

Project closeout feature update - RedTeam Go

Who benefits the most from the updates to the project closeout process? Why would you use it?

Anyone tasked with compiling documentation for project closeout and turn over will save time using the updated Project Export functionality. Many projects, particularly public works projects, require a complete record of project documentation as part of the closeout package.

How do you use the project export?

To request a project export, navigate to Administration > Project Export and select the project you’d like to export. Over night, the system will compile all documentation requested and compress it into a zip file. The zip file will be emailed to the administrator who requested the project documentation.

Additional Information

To learn more about managing project exports, please check out our help article

If you’re looking to learn how to manage additional project closeout items in RedTeam Go, including managing your punchlist, substantial completion letter and warranty letters, please review our help articles using the links below.

→ Create and manage punchlists

→ Complete a substantial completion letter

→ Send out warranty letters to be signed and returned by subcontractors

Additional updates

Owner proposal update: We’ve released an update to allow you to take more control over how and when you create and modify owner proposals. You can now modify owner proposals on tablet devices while you’re on the go. Drag and / or drop files and pages into your proposal just like you’re used to when using the web to do so.

Alternates in the Subcontractor Bidding Portal: We’ve made an efficiency update to how you manage bid invitations. If you send bid invitations out to subcontractors, then add a new alternate, the sub portal will automatically update to include the alternate. There’s no need to resend the bid invitations. 

RedTeam Forum link: You’ll now find a link to the RedTeam Forum from within the Help Center dropdown in RedTeam Go. Connect with other RedTeam Go users and RedTeam employees to discuss best practices and recommendations for getting the most out of RedTeam Go.