RedTeam Product Releases: June 22, 2023

RedTeam Go Signature Summary Report

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Signature Log – The new signature summary report provides a log of all Contracts, Change Orders, and Purchase Orders that have been executed in RedTeam Go. Quickly find what was signed, who signed it, and when it was signed on each project. This will save time for users by providing them with information from multiple modules in one convenient place.

RedTeam Go Signature Summary

Who is impacted by this update?

Executives and Administrators when auditing their projects, and Project Managers when working with customers to get signatures returned on time.

Why would you use it?

This one-stop-shop overview of all signatures for a project makes this a powerful tool when tracking what items are awaiting signatures from different parties on a project.

How to use this feature

This report is accessed from the Reports module found on the left hand menu.

Reports module in RedTeam Go
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