CCI Commercial Construction: Improves Internal Organization with the Help of RedTeam

CCI Commercial Construction specializes in design/build, commercial, and industrial construction with a wide portfolio of projects including sport, leisure, and retail. While they have only been incorporated since 2012, the team at CCI brings over 25 years of industry knowledge.

“We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.”

– CCI Commercial Construction

We have more organization and it is well worth the money!

Karen Love | Office Manager

The challenge

In speaking with Karen Love, Office Manager at CCI, she shared that one of the main challenges they experienced before implementing RedTeam was that they had too many people trying to manage and organize projects, but not enough people actually doing the work.

The solution

RedTeam has helped ensure that everyone knows what work is to be expected and the role that each worker plays.

Love also commented on RedTeam’s best capabilities, listing off a few of her favorites: 

  • Being able to track all stages of the submittal process. This allows all documentation to be properly obtained, submitted and approved before installation per the plans and specifications.
  • Having the ability to organize contract-related documents to ensure accessibility from anywhere and to have a proper archival process.

We offer many different capabilities that contractors find to be very useful to increase their competitive advantage. As the brainchild of a general contractor, we found it imperative to make sure that our software provided a platform for clear communication between all project teams. CCI said that before using RedTeam, they did not have software in place and as a result, they struggled with both internal and external organizations. After implementing RedTeam, they feel that everyone is now on the same page. 

RedTeam’s construction project management software makes it simple for general contractors to effectively manage projects. With the help of RedTeam, CCI is more efficiently managing all aspects of their projects.