Efficient construction management software for total project control.

Reduce risk, control cost and increase predictability in construction projects.

RedTeam Flex is a highly configurable construction management software designed to help contractors manage their construction projects from start to finish. Built for commercial construction companies with complex business organizations and sophisticated workflows that demand advanced integration and configurability.

Why do thousands of general contractors choose RedTeam Flex to manage construction projects from start to finish?

Access From Wherever You Are

Send/Receive real-time updates to keep your team on track.

Mobile Application

Access all critical project information
from any device.

Reduce risk, rework and miscommunication

Construction management software reduces risk with real-time collaboration and visibility for the whole project team. Instantly communicate about potential issues and find solutions to reduce the likelihood of rework and miscommunication.

Effectively collaborate with the whole team

Collaboration between project team members keeps progress moving forward from preconstruction through closeout. The collaborative console and metadata capture communication and activities with date and timestamps.

Build with confidence

Highly configurable and repeatable guided workflows in construction management software like RedTeam Flex reduce risk and increase profitability by ensuring that all project teams follow the same standard operating procedures.

Key features in RedTeam Flex

Efficient Drawing Management

Upload plans and save time by letting the OCR process name each sheet and add hyperlinks; annotate drawings and use overlay comparison to compare and verify changes between revisions to reduce the likelihood that key details are overlooked.

Collaborative Submittal Process

Request submittals, create and send submittal packages for review, manage revisions and notify vendors of review status. The history of each step is saved and submittal logs are updated automatically with each activity.

Effective RFI Management

Quickly draft and send RFIs from the web or a mobile device to ensure questions are answered and received in real-time and work can continue without delay. Should the design team's answer change the project scope, potential changes can be instantly created from an RFI response.

Efficient Change Management

Access key change logs with one click. Manage vendor quotes, create a cost estimate and issue and negotiate a change proposal within minutes. Change orders can be quickly created, sent and authorized. All change history is stored.

Powerful Gantt Scheduling Tool

You can import files from Microsoft Project or create a gantt schedule within RedTeam Flex. As you update your gantt schedule, the information is instantly available on your mobile devices and in the planroom.

Online Planroom

Keep your project team informed and keep work moving forward. Share as much project information as you'd like with external parties. Users access the online planroom from the web or a mobile device to see everything from the latest set of plans to RFIs, Submittals and more.

Employee Time and Expense Management

Our construction management software solution, RedTeam Flex, offers employees the ability to capture time and expenses as overhead or for a specific project and scope. Both time and expenses can be entered on the web or mobile application to save time and eliminate the need for paper. Timesheets and expenses can also be selected to be attached to cost-plus billing.

Efficient Progress Reporting

Create daily progress reports from the web or a mobile device. Add job site photos, observations, vendor tracking, real-time weather reporting and comprehensive field management. Capture Equipment Utilization and track productivity hours versus other onsite time.

AIA-Style Progress and Cost Plus Billing

You can produce detailed AIA-style billing as progress billing or cost-plus billing. You can then invite clients to collaborate on preparing these documents and keep an accurate record of all communication during the construction process.

Live “WIP” Reports

All the financial information from your projects is readily available in real-time. Each project has individual detailed budget control and reporting. The software generates a live Work in Progress (“WIP”) report giving you complete visibility into your organization’s financial health.

Configurable Vendor Invoice Approval Workflows

Validate vendor invoices against the commitment schedule of values, validate credentials like insurance documents‌ and move the invoice through your internal approval process - 100% paperless.

Highly-configurable Reporting

Detailed reporting and filtering options give RedTeam Flex users extensive data at their fingertips. Pull different project and company-level reports like a Project Financial Overview, a Projects Export or Work in Progress (“WIP”) report and owner reports to make more informed decisions. Access to financial data is strictly controlled with highly granular permissions.

Dashboards and Real-time Analytics

Whether you track the number of vendors bidding on your project or determine where submittals are in the process, RedTeam Flex’s analytics will keep you updated in real-time. View the full scope of your projects and detailed analytics on your dashboard. See ‌ milestones, change orders, RFIs and more at a glance.

Streamlined Bid Management

Solicit quotes from vendors and set qualifications based on insurance requirements, locations and levels of experience and more, using bid packages. Vendors respond directly to ‌requests and quotes are uploaded right into RedTeam Flex. Use bid-leveling to compare vendor quotes side-by-side to easily select the best bids. Selection of best bids instantly updates cost and pricing on the cost estimate.

Collaborative and Powerful Cost Estimating

RedTeam Flex supports cost estimating for hard bids as well as negotiated pricing for construction managers. Select cost codes and assemblies to build out your cost estimate. Add supplemental markups for pass-through costs such as insurance or bond premiums, and pricing markups for overhead and fees.

Streamlined Business Development

Track interactions with potential clients, record all related events and access your team's experience with the account to build stronger client relationships. Use the Opportunity Management functionality to aggressively pursue upcoming opportunities. Convert opportunities to projects when you are ready to bid on the work

Total collaboration any time, from anywhere

Complete project control from start to finish

Improve construction management with progress reporting in RedTeam Flex

Collaborate with all members of the project team

Seamless collaboration and real-time data synchronization are crucial in construction. These integrations not only enhance the fluidity of project management but also bridge the communication gap between design teams, general contractors and subcontractors.

Jobsite management

Manage all phases of construction with structured, highly configurable workflows. The integration of RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens by RedTeam enables owners, design teams, general contractors and subcontractors to collaborate in one connected system. With the integration:

Jobsite management with Fieldlens by RedTeam

Subcontractor Collaboration

TeamPlayer, a complimentary add-on app for RedTeam Flex ensures efficient collaboration between contractors and subcontractors, enabling all involved parties to be on the same page, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standard. TeamPlayer is included with your RedTeam Flex subscription.

Subcontractor relationship collaboration with TeamPlayer for RedTeam Flex

Already have TeamPlayer activated? Download the mobile app today​

RedTeam [Flex] has been a game-changer for our project management. Its intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless collaboration tools have greatly streamlined our workflow. Managing costs, schedule, and communication has never been easier. RedTeam [Flex] has truly elevated our project management experience.
Since implementing RedTeam Flex, its technology has helped the office stay connected with the field and manage projects remotely when we need it most. By having all of our critical information in a single environment, RedTeam Flex has streamlined interaction within our company, ultimately providing great efficiency.

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