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Efficient construction management software for total project control.

Reduce risk, control cost and increase predictability in construction projects.

RedTeam Flex is a highly configurable construction management software designed to help contractors manage their construction projects from start to finish. Built for commercial construction companies with complex business organizations and sophisticated workflows that demand advanced integration and configurability.

Access From Wherever You Are

Send/Receive real-time updates to keep your team on track.

Mobile Application

Access all critical project information
from any device.

Document Control

Create and manage contract documents right from RedTeam Flex to keep your teams aligned and your projects on track.

Team Collaboration

Capture photos and videos of punch list items and assign them in real-time as you walk the job.

Building Confidence

Make documenting safety compliance easier so everyone knows you run a safe jobsite.

NEW! Collaborate with all members of the project team

The integration of RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens by RedTeam is now available, enabling design teams and general contractors to collaborate, both internally and externally in one connected system, bringing drawings from concept to a construction set. With this integration:

RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens Integration
RedTeam [Flex] has been a game-changer for our project management. Its intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless collaboration tools have greatly streamlined our workflow. Managing costs, schedule, and communication has never been easier. RedTeam [Flex] has truly elevated our project management experience.
I have experience with both RedTeam Flex and Procore from other companies before starting my own, and I knew I was going to have construction project management software but wasn't sure which one. After having experience with those two, I chose RedTeam Flex because it's more user-friendly and significantly less expensive.
Since implementing RedTeam Flex, its technology has helped the office stay connected with the field and manage projects remotely when we need it most. By having all of our critical information in a single environment, RedTeam Flex has streamlined interaction within our company, ultimately providing greater efficiency.

Improve Collaboration Among Team Members with TeamPlayer

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Key Features

Explore the RedTeam Flex features
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NEW! Easily compare your drawings

Easily compare drawings with a few simple clicks, all within the tool you already use so that you can eliminate supplementary software and save money.

Collaborative Submittal Process

Request submittals, create and send submittal packages for review, manage revisions and notify vendors of review status. The history of each step is saved.

manage the flow of rfis with redteam
roofers bolting a new roof

Manage the Flow of RFIs

Receive, review, share and track any RFIs, maintain an accurate and up-to-date log and collaborate proactively to ensure no RFIs fall through the cracks.

Easily Manage and Track Change Orders

Access key change logs with one click. Manage vendor quotes, create a cost estimate, and issue and negotiate a change proposal within minutes. Change orders can be quickly created, sent and authorized. All change history is stored.

building a parking garage
two workers using the gantt scheduling tool from redteam

Gantt Scheduling Tool

You can import and export files with Microsoft Project as well as create a gantt schedule manually within RedTeam Flex. As you update your gantt schedule, the information is instantly available on your mobile devices and in the planroom.

Collaboration Tools

Using RedTeam Flex, easily invite outside parties to collaborate without the need to create an account for them. Interactions within the collaborative console tie directly to the shared document. All collaborators are tracked and time-stamped with any changes, edits, or comments.

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two manufacturing workers assessing data from redteam

Metadata Enables Tracking

RedTeam Flex tracks when a report is sent, opened, clicked, printed, or responded to. Each person who receives a document is provided the path to backtrack for accurate tracking.

Employee Time Recording

The RedTeam Flex field management mobile application offers each employee the ability to capture their time as overhead or for a specific project, scope, labor authorization and labor category.

view of construction employees walking outside
office building under construction

Progress Reporting

The field management mobile application allows users to add job site photos, observations, and vendor tracking, and includes real-time weather reporting (based on GPS location) and comprehensive field management. All images from the field can be attached to the daily report. You can also capture Equipment Utilization in Progress.

Plans and Specifications

Access all current versions of plans and specifications directly from our RedTeam Flex mobile field management application. You can attach the plan to a Progress Report or an RFI, and you can add markups to the drawing directly from the application.

silver construction crane
contracted building development

Financials and Reporting

Access real-time and detailed insight on financial workflows.

AIA-Style Progress and Cost Plus Billing

You can produce detailed AIA-style billing as progress billing or cost-plus billing. You can then invite clients to collaborate on preparing these documents and keep an accurate record of all communication during the construction process.

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two workers welding

Paperless Invoice Validations and Approvals

Validate vendor invoices against the commitment schedule of values, validate credentials like insurance documents, and move the invoice through your internal approval process -100% paperless. Quickly record time and materials for field work performed using T&M Sheets and combine these documents into an invoice.

“Live” WIP Reports

All the financial information from your projects is readily available to you and the team in real-time. Each project has individual detailed budget control and reporting. The software generates a live work in progress (WIP) report giving you complete visibility into your organization’s financial health.

construction workers in beginning stages of building a home
construction team setting up


Detailed reporting and filtering options give RedTeam Flex users extensive data at their fingertips – from pulling financial reports such as complete project WIP to accessing RFI logs and owner reports with one click. Access to Financial data and WIP reports is strictly controlled with highly granular permissions.


Whether you track the number of vendors bidding on your project or determine where submittals are in the process, RedTeam Flex’s analytics will keep you updated in real-time. View the full scope of your projects and detailed analytics on your dashboard. See the milestones, change orders, RFIs, and more at a glance.

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man in a crane bucket

Bidding and Estimating

Accurately estimate project costs.

Request Your Bids

Solicit quotes from your vendor database and set qualifications based on insurance requirements, locations, and levels of experience, using RedTeam Flex’s Estimating module. Vendors respond directly to the requests and begin to upload any required documentation. Use bid-leveling to compare vendor quotes side-by-side to easily select the best bid.

contractor equipment bids
electrician working on wiring

Build Your Estimates

Select cost codes and assemblies to build out your own cost estimating template. Add supplemental markups for pass-through costs such as insurance or bond premiums, and pricing markups for overhead and fee.

Interactions for Business Development

Within RedTeam Flex, you can track your interactions with potential upcoming projects. Click to convert them once you are ready to prepare a bid. Record all related events and access your team’s experience with the account to build a stronger customer relationship.

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peer contractors working together

Manage Unlimited Opportunities

Compare your competitive score with peer contractors. Use our opportunity management reporting tool to be more aggressive within any upcoming opportunities.

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Total collaboration any time, from anywhere

Complete project control from start to finish

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