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Intuitive construction jobsite management software for efficient collaboration.

Connect teams in the field, reduce rework and complete projects on time.

Fieldlens is your one-click construction jobsite management software. Our solution empowers field teams around the world to collaborate in real time on submittals, RFIs, punch lists, safety lists and more.

Collaborate directly in your drawings

Pin every conversation to your plans in Drawing View.

fieldlens by redteam drawing view on web

Communicate every update

With photo and plan markups worth 10,000 words.

fieldlens by redteam mobile photo and plan markup

Discover daily reports that actually help

Your PDF is generated from the day’s task feed and automatically emailed when the workday ends.

Close out punch lists in real time

Document and assign punch list items in real time as you walk the job and watch them get completed on schedule.

Simplify documentation and compliance

Document safety items directly from the jobsite and share them with the team in the office.

Capture everything that happens on the jobsite

fieldlens by redteam unlimited video and audio upload

Get real-time notifications directly to your phone and manage work as you go

Pin every post to your drawings and assign tasks and due dates, to better manage your team’s work

With photos and markups attached to drawings or tied to tasks every update is clear and actionable

Easily track every conversation, assignment and decision with the post-driven feed in Fieldlens

Our construction jobsite management solution gives your team a holistic view of your drawing plans and tasks so you can organize and streamline the work that needs to be done.

Assign and communicate all jobsite tasks

From specialty trade to subcontractor assignments, never lose sight of progress updates.

Stay focused on what matters

Keep track of schedules and complete work on time and on budget, with the right resources on sight when they need to be.

Find the clear path to project close-out

Complete every stage of the construction project with confidence and the knowledge that all steps are accounted for and done.

Real jobsite data

better decisons

two employees collecting field data with fieldlens by redteam

Capture daily jobsite reports

Get timely, detailed reports of everything captured in the field, post-by-post. Use the custom filters in Fieldlens to optimize and streamline what is shared.

Track the status of everything

Know who and what needs your attention, the moment the need arises from RFIs to punch items, Fieldlens helps you understand and track jobsite changes, resource updates and more.

Mark up changes directly in the drawing plan

Mark up and redline PDF drawings in your projects and attach the most up to date drawings to posts. Avoid confusion and add context for collaborators in the field or office with the jobsite management tools in Fieldlens.

Key features in Fieldlens

Real-time collaboration

Communicate and share the latest updates with everyone connected to your project directly in real time, even if they’re not using Fieldlens.

Resource tracking

Customize workforce, equipment and resource tracking, plus include real-time weather data on all posts.

Real-time issue management

Upload photos and videos to punch items, safety lists or RFIs. Pin them to your drawings and assign them in real time as you walk the job.

Offline availability

Access and post your information even without internet access. Fieldlens will sync your data when you're back online.

RFIs and submittals

Post and assign RFIs, submittals, and more to drawings for the team to take action.

Drawing overlay comparison

Use drawing overlay to view the differences between drawings or versions.

Automated reports and emails

Create organized and customizable project reports and daily summary emails, and distribute them to everyone.

Search and filter

Slice and dice your project data to find exactly what you need. Use filters to narrow your search and focus your results.

Custom notifications

Get only the updates you want when you want them. With custom notifications you keep every team member informed.

Asset management plug-ins

Host and access field data through any of our document management plug-ins. Fieldlens supports One Drive, Google Drive, Box and more.

Localized interface

Keep your global jobsite teams working in their language with a localized interface to English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).​

360° photos

Capture and share jobsite updates using 360° photos in Fieldlens. Enhance documentation, streamline collaboration and gain visual evidence for future reference and analysis. All from the convenience of your mobile device. Once uploaded to a post, view 360° photos on both the web and mobile app.

Connected systems for total project control

Your integrated construction management software solution

With the new integration for Fieldens and RedTeam Flex, contractors, architects and engineers using Fieldlens can seamlessly share updated statuses and pictures, all the information captured in the field, completed workflows, and the deliverables submitted with RedTeam Flex users.

redteam flex and fieldlens integration map

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