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Fieldlens by RedTeam:
Jobsite management software empowering the whole project team

Fieldlens improves your team’s efficiency with faster and easier communication for better jobsite management.

Construction projects require coordination of countless moving parts, while demanding dependable, ongoing communication among the entire project team. That’s where Fieldlens comes in. Our jobsite management software enables real-time collaboration on any device.

Why Fieldlens by RedTeam
Fieldlens is excellent. We are pushing the hyperlinking function on drawings pretty hard and it has not missed a beat... Great product.
We have been using Fieldlens for our construction projects and we absolutely love it! The live, interactive tool has made it so easy to communicate progress, RFIs, safety issues and defects to our team members. The best part is that everyone can receive the posts and respond at any time, no matter where they are.

The right jobsite management tools for right now

Using outdated methods of communication creates confusion, mistakes, delays and even safety risks. Conversations and decision points stay untracked. Critical data gets misinterpreted or worse, lost altogether, leading to costly delays.

Don’t rely on paper, fax, phone calls, email, or text. Users of Fieldlens seamlessly share and track critical jobsite information such as photos, videos, tasks, jobsite status, hours, reports and more—in the cloud and in real time.

Fieldlens provides a centralized digital hub to log, organize and track project-related information including documentation and field data. Every team member—from supervisor to general contractor—can collaborate on projects as they progress.

One-click jobsite management

Fieldlens helps all construction professionals on the jobsite communicate more timely and efficiently, improving safety and productivity, while saving you time and money.

All team members are always only one click away from reliable, up-to-date jobsite information. Conversations that once took hours now take minutes.

RedTeam is invested in your success

Selecting the best mobile jobsite management software for your needs is a major decision.

Before choosing, consider not just the software, but the support and resources behind it. You’ll find that with Fieldlens, we’re committed to your success on and off the jobsite.

Our support professionals are accessible to help with software questions or even concerns about jobsite management software in general. We may not be on the jobsite, but you can consider RedTeam part of your team.

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