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Welcome to RedTeam's referral programs!

We appreciate your loyalty and support and want to reward you for spreading the word about our solutions. We encourage you to join our referral program. RedTeam offers three different options for our three different solutions, each with its own unique rewards and benefits.

To participate in any of these referral programs, simply sign up and start sharing your unique referral link. Your rewards will automatically be applied once your referral completes the required action. See the FAQs for more information and eligibility guidelines.

Choose your referral program

Earn up to $75 when you refer Fieldlens by RedTeam. Here’s how:

Earn up to $300 when you refer RedTeam Go. Here’s how:

Earn up to $300 when you refer RedTeam Flex. Here’s how:


Can I sign up for more than one referral program?

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Yes. You can sign up for as many programs as you want.

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Can I track my referral submissions?

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Yes, once you have signed up you can track your referrals. You’ll receive your referral tracking page link via email from us.

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Who is eligible to join the referral program?

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Anyone can join RedTeam’s referral programs.

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Can I refer multiple clients?

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Yes you can share your referral link with as many contacts as you like. There are no limits.

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