Unlimited collaboration
for successful construction projects

Real-time collaboration between field and office teams, with Fieldlens by RedTeam

Keeping teams in the office and the field connected is key to construction project success. With collaboration software like Fieldlens your team is on the same page, every step of the build.

Fieldlens enables collaboration and communication from preconstruction through project closeout. With Fieldlens, project team members on any device can access, track and respond to activities, while daily reports keep construction managers and owners informed of progress. So you can instantly provide important insights and real-time updates to all stakeholders on the project. 

Project collaboration made easy

Unlimited external collaborators

Experience collaboration among the entire project team, including your subcontractors, architects, engineers and even the project owner, with Fieldlens. Everyone invited to a project, works together on RFIs, punch items and more*.

*The Ecosystem add-on is required to enable access to paid features. You can learn more about Ecosystem here.

Real-time notifications

With the Fieldlens mobile application, team members collaborate effectively. Everyone stays on top of updates, changes and assignments with real-time notifications directly to their phone.

Comprehensive task management

With Fieldlens, multiple people can be assigned to a post and have due dates. Moreover, instant notifications will alert all parties involved as task updates are added. If necessary, you can reassign tasks to track collaboration with other stakeholders before you complete the full scope of a task. Finally, track and share all task status updates and details in customizable reports for added transparency.

Fully integrated design reviews

The collaborative markup and communication features in Fieldlens enable you to collaborate with architects, engineers and subcontractors early in the preconstruction phase. You can directly add questions and feedback in the drawing, and upload supporting documents to pinned posts.

How you benefit from the collaboration features in Fieldlens

Being able to communicate at any stage of the construction project with all stakeholders provides transparency and reduces room for error. The result? Less rework and more efficiencies gained.

General contractors

With Fieldlens, general contractors can better manage all aspects of a project at any time, from anywhere. Easily monitor project progress with automatic daily logs, alerts and notifications in the mobile application. Further, invite external collaborators to your projects to streamline communication and enable access to critical project information.

Subcontractors and specialty contractors

Fieldlens provides subcontractors and specialty contractors with direct access to project tasks. Subcontractors can post pictures, markups, videos and share updated job changes assigned to them. Fieldlens provides automatic reports to the team at the end of each day with updated, accurate information and clear direction on who did what, when.

Architects, engineers and owners

With Fieldlens all parties directly interact with posts to clearly communicate submittal approvals, RFI responses and more. This creates a clear channel of communication among everyone. Architects and engineers can also monitor plan changes and as-built conditions. Owners stay abreast of project progress with real-time daily reports on jobsite activities.

Facilities managers

Reduce field service costs with Fieldlens by RedTeam. Facilities managers use real-time data, team updates and visual references to complete maintenance tasks at the right time and in the most efficient manner. Further shorten repair times and increase first-time fix rates to keep owners and residents happy with the instant collaboration features in Fieldlens.

The Ecosystem add-on for Fieldlens

If you work with a large number of external collaborators and want to communicate with them without limits, then our Ecosystem add-on for Fieldlens is for you.

Key benefits

The Ecosystem add-on is tied to your company account. Once purchased, the add-on enables the full suite of paid features for all external collaborators invited to your projects. Explore pricing for Ecosystem here.

*An active RedTeam Flex subscription and Ecosystem for Fieldlens is required to enable the integration.
team of construction workers collaborating in Fieldlens on the jobsite

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