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Instant flexibility and accountability on every jobsite with Fieldlens

We know you can’t plan for everything. That’s why with Fieldlens by Redteam we offer both annual and monthly pricing options allowing you to decide which is best for your business. Our user-based pricing model puts you in charge, with the flexibility to add licenses as your team grows.

Pay as you go

Say goodbye to upfront annual fees and say hello to new opportunities as your business needs change. RedTeam offers a monthly billing option for Fieldlens to help you manage your cost and your cash flow.

Connect everyone

With the Ecosystem add-on for Fieldlens, external collaborators gain instant access to all paid features on your shared projects. Experience seamless collaboration and added efficiencies when everyone is on the same page, literally.

Any project type and size

Every construction project is different. From commercial, residential to infrastructure projects, your cost for Fieldlens remains the same. Whether you have one or 100 projects, there are no hidden fees or add-on costs associated with your project count.

Stay nimble and plan with your team in mind

Construction project needs change every day and so can your team. Stay flexible in how you manage your licenses and quickly add users, no matter your original contract volume. With the user-based pricing, scaling your team as your business grows is easy.

A part of your team

At RedTeam, our top priority is your success.  We want to be there to support you. That’s why we offer several added benefits to help you on your journey to success.

Unlimited drawings

Drawings are critical to every construction project. That’s why with RedTeam’s solutions we don’t limit or charge you for the number of drawing sets you upload.

Unlimited storage

Jobsite management is all about documentation and accountability. That’s why your Fieldlens subscription includes unlimited storage for all your photos, markups, videos and everything else you need to add to close out your projects successfully.

Web, iOS and Android

You have teams in the office and the field on iOS and Android. We get it; everyone has their preference. That’s why our solutions are cloud-based and available on all your devices at no extra cost.


Fieldlens is built to enable collaboration among the entire project team, including your subcontractors, architects, engineers and even the project owner. Everyone invited can start collaborating on RFIs, punch items and more*.
*The Ecosystem add-on is required to enable access to drawings, reports and advanced filters for external collaborators.

Unlimited support

Our team is ready to help you and your collaborating teams, from subcontractor to architect. Every Fieldlens user has direct access to our support team, via the chat function inside the product. For additional support, check out our extensive selection of articles in the help center, also available via the in-product chat. We are here for you and your extended team.


Upload your documents, photos, files and compliance sheets directly from one of our four document management plug-ins - Box, Google Drive, One drive or Google Photos.

RedTeam Flex integration

If you’re looking for advanced customization functionality to manage your commercial construction projects, then our RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens integration may be right for you. Available with an active RedTeam Flex subscription and the Ecosystem add-on for Fieldlens, you can benefit from additional construction management features. Find out more about RedTeam Flex here.


How much does Fieldlens cost?

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One standard paid license for Fieldlens costs $39 / month, per user, paid monthly. Gain a 10% discount per license when you pay annually.

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Are there any implementation or training costs for Fieldlens?

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Fieldlens is designed to be intuitive and easy to adopt, so there are no added implementation or training fees. Our in-app guided tours and checklists will send you and your team on your way. You can reach us through the in-app chat with any questions.

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Do you offer a volume discount?

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We offer a volume discount with 10 or more licenses purchased. Check out the calculator above to see how much you could save.

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How do I purchase Fieldlens?

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You have two options for purchasing Fieldlens. You can log into your account, navigate to the Upgrade option under your profile icon and purchase your Fieldlens licenses directly through the product. Alternatively, you can contact us and we’ll help you with your purchase.
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