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RedTeam Go
the right project management software for construction

RedTeam Go was developed by general contractors—industry veterans—who know and love the construction industry.

RedTeam Go is an easy-to-use project management software for construction, designed to simplify, automate and standardize tasks for contractors looking to save time and money.

RedTeam Go helps us to store all of our information on a project in one area. This way, everyone should have the ability to access all of the necessary project documents.
Writing subcontracts and owner contracts is significantly faster using RedTeam Go. Having the subcontractors sending us their pay apps through the software has the subs send lien releases, which is a considerable time and labor savings.
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Every process

in one system

Project management software for construction is crucial for on-the-go accessibility.

With RedTeam Go, users can reach all project-specific details from any web-enabled mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly solution tailored for general contractors.

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Better time management

Streamline your planning with our in-app Gantt schedule, directly linked to daily logs and subcontracts. Never miss a step with our integrated reminders. You focus on execution, we'll ensure you stay on track.

Reduced risk

Project management software for construction allows for easy and repeatable processes with built-in operational oversight eliminating the possibility of information drop. Access real-time data and avoid repeated data entry and the potential for manual errors with progressive accounting.

Comprehensive mobile app

In addition to web access via a laptop or desktop, users can access critical project information through any web-connected mobile device or tablet. RedTeam Go makes it easy to manage your projects whether in the field or the office.

Improved collaboration

Efficient and effective communication from bidding through project closeout. All project stakeholders collaborate in real time on everything from vendor bids through punch lists and warranty forms.

Accounting control

Align your financials effortlessly as actual costs feed directly into your budget. Experience dynamic job cost insights in real-time. And when you need it, produce WIP reports at the click of a button.

Simplified workflows

Streamline your processes effortlessly. With project management software for construction like RedTeam Go, complicated workflows become intuitive and straightforward. You focus on the task, we'll simplify the flow.

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