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Easy-to-use construction project management software that saves you time and money.

Eliminate, automate and standardize workflows in construction projects.

RedTeam Go is a construction project management software built for every member of your team to simplify, automate and streamline back office and field operations. It brings efficiency, visibility and accountability by providing general contractors with the necessary documentation on the project at every step from bidding to closeout.

Why do thousands of general contractors choose RedTeam Go to bid, build and track great construction projects?

Save Time

Mitigate and Reduce Risk

Simplify Processes

Bid smarter

and save time

Save time with Go bidding

Bid smarter and save time

Manual bidding processes can be tedious. We get it. But we've got the solution.

Streamline your manual bidding processes with our construction project management software.

Experience the efficiency of RedTeam Go with a 30-day trial. Features included in the Bidding plan:

Less Work. Better Results.

Effective construction project management allows for better results and less work

Better Time Management

Better time management with RedTeam Go

Better Accounting Control

Better accounting control with RedTeam Go

Reduced Risk = Better Days

Construction project management software helps to reduce risk
Key features in RedTeam Go

Invitation to Bid

Smart invitations to bid, including the distribution of plans and specifications to all interested parties.

Contracts and Purchase Orders

Draft contracts, including base bids, units and alternative price verification. Deliver and track contracts and purchase orders and secure necessary signatures. All of which automatically update accounting records and files all documentation in their respective folders within project documents.

Budget Preparation

Diligently award bid amounts and track any deviations from the initial bids to the finalized budget, ensuring full transparency and fiscal responsibility.


Designed to keep the project manager informed of any incomplete tasks through timely notices with real-time notifications allowing for immediate schedule adjustments. Automatically populate tasks into daily logs, streamlining processes.

Progress Documentation

Track meeting minutes and deliverables and manage Requests for Information (RFIs) in real time to keep project progress moving forward. Prepare, execute and deliver change orders efficiently to keep the project on track.


Draft and present invoices to seek necessary approvals and ensure prompt delivery of payment. Review subcontractor invoices to prevent overbilling and exchange lien waivers before releasing payment. Notaries and signatures for processing billing and lien waivers. Document progress with comprehensive submittal, change order and RFI logs, as well as logs for contract execution and weather conditions.

Accounting Updates

Revise the budget to reflect any changes and track the expiration of insurance certificates. Prepare notices for substantial completion and oversee subcontractor billing to prevent any discrepancies.


Distribute and manage punch lists, issue warranty letters and compile a complete record of job documents, ensuring that every aspect of the project is concluded with thoroughness and attention to detail.

The simple solution to build, track and collaborate

Simplify, automate and streamline field and office processes

Improve construction project management with RedTeam Go
RedTeam Go helps us to store all of our information on a project in one area. This way, everyone should have the ability to access all of the necessary project documents.
Writing subcontracts and owner contracts is significantly faster using RedTeam Go. Having the subcontractors sending us their pay apps through the software has the subs send lien releases, which is a considerable time and labor savings.

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