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RedTeam Flex:
A Scalable Construction Software for General Contractors

A tailored solution for diverse construction contractors

RedTeam Flex is an efficient construction management software for mid-size to large enterprise construction firms, commercial general contractors, prime specialty contractors and construction managers.

construction software for commercial general contractors

Commercial General Contractors

RedTeam Flex has best-in-class vendor management features and project management workflows. Mitigate risk by providing enforceable built-in workflows customized by your company. Establish unit rates for each of your clients and use client-specific subcontracts to hire subcontractors working on that jobsite. Set up enforceable workflows embedded into the solution and create your own filtering criteria and custom fields to organize and sort through data to make data-driven decisions. Leverage the easy-to-use change order workflows that guide your project management team on the steps needed for a complete change order package.

Specialty Contractors

Specialty contractors are able to extend powerful RedTeam Flex features to their subcontractors and vendors, including enforceable processes in construction administration workflows. Specialty contractors can create an estimate complete with embedded unit prices and estimate detailed reports. RedTeam Flex enables them to send templated proposals adhering to company-specific verbiage and manage the entire contract in one software solution. They can track onsite progress with data and media seamlessly, and submit AIA-style billing for work completed, including backup documentation.

construction software for specialty contractors
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