The construction collaboration
solution for today's teams

RedTeam offers contractor-friendly pricing to fit your business

Experience certainty and predictability with RedTeam on your side

RedTeam offers pricing options that reduce your financial risk and give you the certainty you need to win more projects without the worry of unexpected costs.

Transparent costs

Using our calculator, you can estimate your cost before adding your next project into RedTeam Flex. No eye popping surprises or IRS-like audits, just complete transparency.

Pay as you go

Say goodbye to hefty upfront annual fees that make it difficult to say hello to new opportunities as your business needs change. RedTeam offers a monthly billing option to help you manage your cost and your cash flow.

Only pay for what you use

Our pricing allows you to enjoy all the benefits of RedTeam Flex with less fluctuation in cost. Simply estimate the active project volume you plan to manage in RedTeam Flex to determine your price. As your business evolves and you manage more or less of your active projects in our solutions we’ll review your pricing with you, so you only pay for what you use.

Bid with certainty

RedTeam wants you to win more projects. As part of our base platform fees you can create an unlimited number of bids for new projects without incurring any additional costs.

Access to everything. Right away

Your world is always evolving. We know the tools you need today might be different tomorrow, which makes our complete solution the best value in the market. We never withhold functionality; from the first time you login, you get everything our solution has to offer.

Peace of mind when changes happen

Prepare, submit, and track any potential changes on your projects without impacting your monthly cost. Enter pending changes as soon as they occur — your monthly cost is adjusted only when you authorize the changes in RedTeam Flex.

Book a meeting with us

Book a virtual meeting with our Sales team to talk about how we can help you identify the right solution today.

A part of your team

Our top priority is your success. And we want to be there to support you. RedTeam offers several additional benefits to help you on your journey to success.

Unlimited users

We want your whole team to use RedTeam Flex. Invite everyone to join with no concerns about additional charges.

Unlimited projects

Add all your projects to get a complete overview of all the work. RedTeam only charges you for the project value you manage using the tool, not the number of individual projects.

No data caps

Never worry about running out of storage. RedTeam offers unlimited storage included with your subscription.

Unlimited support

Our team is ready to help you and any collaborating subcontractors using RedTeam Flex. With unlimited access to Support, you can easily contact us via the chat function inside the product. We are here for you and your extended team.

Training and implementation services

Get up and running quickly with services provided by our Client Implementation team. With our variety of onboarding offerings, you will be fully supported and trained as you get going.


Take RedTeam Flex with you wherever you go. With an entirely cloud-based solution, you can remain flexible and up-to-date wherever you are.


If you are using RedTeam Flex, we offer a robust set of integrations for an additional fee. Visit the integration page to learn what else is available to support your business.


Enjoy limitless collaboration with your clients, vendors, architects and engineers. Enter, manage, email, interact, and allow access for unlimited companies and contacts using RedTeam Flex.


Manage unlimited credentials for insurance, licenses and certifications in RedTeam Flex. There is no more searching for documents when you need them the most. Track all vendor compliance and coverage in one place. All included with your RedTeam Flex subscription.


How much does RedTeam Flex cost?

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Our standard subscription costs $729 per month, and it includes up to $5 million in Active Project Value (APV). APV in excess of $5 million will be billed monthly based on published rates.

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What is Active Project Value (APV)?

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APV is the aggregate value of “in progress” projects, which is the basis for RedTeam’s monthly fee.

There is no incremental charge for projects in preconstruction and only authorized change orders will impact your monthly cost.

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How much does implementation
and onboarding of RedTeam Flex cost?

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We’re committed to setting you up for success. We offer several implementation and onboarding packages starting at $2,750, depending on your needs. Our Account Executives will work with you to identify the package that works best for you and your team.

As part of the implementation services, you’ll get:

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How much would it cost to add
the Fieldlens / RedTeam Flex integration to my subscription?

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In addition to the subscription fees for your RedTeam Flex account and a minimum of one Fieldlens by RedTeam license, a purchase of the Ecosystem add-on is required to enable the integration. You can learn more about pricing for Fieldlens here.

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