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RedTeam Product Releases: March 28th, 2023

What have we done for you? Cost Estimate Upgrade Details: Faster, more modern, and streamlined Estimate experience for Original Scope and Scope Changes Why is it important? What problem does it solve? Cost Estimating is an integral part of the preconstruction process. By providing a more approachable Cost Estimate, we make it quicker and easier […]

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RedTeam Product Releases: February 17th, 2023

Meeting Minutes: Nest Issues This latest update to the Issues in RedTeam Flex gives you even more control and flexibility over your Meeting Minutes, by allowing you to nest Issues in a hierarchy. Like an ordered list, you can nest multiple levels of Issues under one another. This grouping lets you get as detailed as […]

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RedTeam Product Releases: December 15, 2022

Submittal Stamps and Markups We are excited to introduce the option for submittal stamps and markups in RedTeam Flex! These stamps and markups are configurable by your company and can be used both internally for the contractor’s review and externally upon review from Third-Parties such as architects and engineers. Who is impacted by this update? […]

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RedTeam Product Releases: November 16, 2022

Integration with RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens by RedTeam Introducing an integration with two RedTeam products: Flex and Fieldlens. As outlined in the map below, you can see what information this integration will send and receive. If you are a current Flex client and want to learn more about Fieldlens, you can visit our webpage or […]

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