Fieldlens by RedTeam Product Releases: July 6, 2023

Increased Pin Limit on Drawings

Now available: increased pin limit on drawings. This update is intended to increase the density of information that can be displayed on a single drawing. Users can capture and communicate more detailed information about what’s happening in the project.

Increased Pin Limit on Drawings in Fieldlens

Who benefits most from this update?

Anyone who creates, reviews or responds to posts pinned to drawings. Typically Superintendents, Safety Supervisors and Project Managers, as well as vendors, architects, engineers and owners. 

Why would you use it?

This update makes it easier to use Fieldlens by RedTeam to document and share project information with relevant stakeholders. Particularly on larger projects with many subcontractors. Reports with drawings and all pinned posts can be run to include as much detail as you need. As-built conditions can be documented during project closeout to include all redline markups and posts that impacted construction.

How to use this feature

Create posts from the drawing and share with relevant stakeholders. A report can be generated directly from a particular drawing with all of the pinned posts and as much detail as you require; by default this report will include all posts pinned to the selected drawing. However, you can filter before you run the report. To learn more about creating and managing reports in Fieldlens, check out our brief Managing Reports tutorial video.

Additional Information

You can create posts and pin them to drawings from the web and the mobile application. You’re also able to view pinned posts and run reports to include pinned posts from both the web and mobile app. To learn more about pinning posts to drawings in Fieldlens, read our help article

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