Infinity GCs: Find Solution to Handle Multiple Large Projects Seamlessly

Choosing construction management software is no easy task. It takes time to find the right tools needed to solve everyday problems. Other factors include figuring out a budget for investing in the software, getting the team on board, and how long it takes to learn the software during training/implementation. Lucky for you, we talked with a construction company that found RedTeam Software user-friendly and contains everything they need for construction management!

We spoke with Nitesh Patel, Project Manager from Infinity General Construction Services, Inc., a family company that he and his father run, to learn more about the implementation process of our construction software and how RedTeam helps his company.

The company’s core focuses are quality service and exceeding client expectations.

We’ve acquired a rather large hotel renovation project, and we were inquiring about a project management software and came across RedTeam. We started with Sage, and then a gentleman referred us to RedTeam, and we gave it a shot.

Nitesh Patel | Project Manager

The Challenge

Infinity GCs strives to provide quality in their work. Having to work on multiple large renovation projects all requires attention to detail. This is something the company realized as they worked on Renaissance Hotel, a 189 room hotel renovation in Daytona Beach, FL. Infinity GCs knew they would need project management software to help complete the project and future projects.

“Renovations are a little more difficult in the fact that you don’t know what you’ll encounter when you tear a wall down or take a footing out; it’s kind of unknown,” said Patel. “We’re very hands-on, and we like to be engaged with our subs at all times and make sure they have the latest information, so we need software that helps keep all that information in one place.”

The Solution

After being referred to RedTeam, Infinity General Construction Services, Inc. decided to invest in the software to help with their construction management on hotel renovations.

“RedTeam has helped organize and gather our information which has been good. We had a great experience during the onboarding process; a bunch of people walked us through because it is a lot of information to take in at one time. Any questions we had, we always reached out to RedTeam, and they would always help us navigate and get things done,” said Patel.

We always hear that software can be difficult to understand, especially when the technology learning curve is steep. But that wasn’t the case for Patel and his company.

“I think every software has its own caveats, but RedTeam has an easy user interface, and once you get used to it, it’s really easy to navigate,” said Patel.