Chinburg Properties: Increases Productivity through RedTeam

Chinburg Properties has built their reputation as one of “Northern New England’s Premier Builders”, and as many other premier builders, they joined the RedTeam family for several reasons.

During the sales process, and since then, RedTeam has proven they have an active and engaged support team.

Geoff Spitzer | Vice President

The challenge

Their main reason for joining was to better organize their project management systems. After outgrowing their current system of an expanding list of spreadsheets, they decided to move to RedTeam’s construction project management and financial platform.

The solution

We had the opportunity to speak with Vice President of Chinburg Properties, Geoff Spitzer. Geoff said that Chinburg reviewed a few construction management software, such as Corecon, CMIC, Procore, and RedTeam. The reason RedTeam stood out compared to the rest was that “RedTeam has a good blend of integrated features without over-complicating things, the dashboard was easy to move around in, and we liked the way RedTeam moves through each stage of construction.”

Geoff also shared a few of his favorite features of RedTeam; some of which include:

  • Preconstruction/Buyout: Being able to put in minimal information to create an entire job. Managing the whole process and connecting everything very easily.
  • Change Order Management: CO/PCO management and workflow are great.
  • Invoice Tracking: Scanning in an invoice, tagging it to a job, verifying the invoice, and accountability throughout the job cycle.
  • Mobile App: Project Info and team management directly from the field. Shared information. Ability to build progress reports.


Geoff first discovered RedTeam through a web search. He decided early on to look over the benefits of what RedTeam could offer Chinburg. The benefits were immediate and in their first year of using the software they are more than happy, to say the least. According to Geoff, “Productivity has been affected as team members are doing a better job at dealing with things that, in the past, they had neglected or put off. Our preconstruction process is more robust, and our change order management feels more under control as well.”

RedTeam’s construction project management software makes it simple for general contractors to effectively manage projects. With the help of RedTeam, Chinburg is projecting to grow even faster as they bid on more projects and manage them more easily now.