Remsing Construction Co. Inc.: Saves Time with RedTeam

We had the chance to catch up with one of our clients, Remsing Construction Company Inc, to see how they have enjoyed using RedTeam as their project management platform. Incorporated in 1995, Remsing Construction is a small commercial general contracting firm averaging $8-12 million a year in revenue.

As a general contractor, it allows us to be extremely organized and provide our customers and potential customers with an organized project overview the moment they request it. Many customers are very impressed with the reports and performance overviews that we’ve prepared and presented using RedTeam.

Caitlin Leibforth | Accountant/Project Coordinator

The challenge

Speaking with Caitlin Leibforth, Accountant/Project Coordinator at Remsing, she discussed the challenges they faced before implementing RedTeam. 

“The submittal process was extremely difficult to keep track of. Also, our billing software and our project management software were never in sync, so it was difficult to track direct costs accurately for each project.”

The solution

Caitlin also commented on some of RedTeam’s best capabilities, her favorites include:

  • The submittal process stays exceptionally organized, and we can see the status of all submittals in one place at one time. Before RedTeam, we would use excel spreadsheets and email to try and track submittals – it was never organized.
  • RedTeam integrates with QuickBooks Online. This is extremely helpful because we can enter the information (direct costs, vendor invoices, customer billing, etc.) in RedTeam, and it feeds through to QuickBooks Online, keeping it all coded to the proper job. Before this, we had a difficult time tracking expenses for each job. 
  • The mobile app and progress reports have helped us tremendously. Sometimes our projects are 2 hours away, so our superintendent on site being able to give us real-time photos and updates saves my boss many trips to the jobsite.
  • The “Chat with RedTeam” function is super helpful. I cannot recall any other software that has as great of chat help than RedTeam does. We can choose what area we need help with, and their employees are very knowledgeable about the software and help us the very instant we need it.
  • Being able to configure our documents (subcontracts, payment notifications, customer contracts, etc.) has helped us to eliminate the need for several other software. We can now prepare the report, send it, and track it, using only RedTeam! It is also a bonus that they have the “log” function to track when subcontractors view items we have sent them.

Having a competitive edge in the marketplace is imperative to any business, and Caitlin feels that RedTeam has helped to give Remsing that advantage.