T.U. Parks: Construction Excellence Supported by RedTeam

Established in 1944, T.U. Parks Construction Company is the oldest GC in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is known throughout the Southeast for its construction excellence and diverse experience. The company’s services include general contracting, design-build and construction management. From hospitals and schools to historic renovations and commercial high-rises, T.U. Parks’ project portfolio is diverse and varied, but the company’s goals are always the same: to deliver quality results on time and on budget, and to create and sustain relationships along the way.

The interview

“RedTeam had everything we were looking for in a construction project management solution,” said Arch Willingham, President of T.U. Parks. “RedTeam’s platform really keeps information flowing quickly, helping us speed up processes, improve productivity and capture critical metadata for a history of every interchange.”

The company was also impressed with RedTeam’s customer support. “RedTeam helped us find more ways to optimize the platform and is the only software vendor that reaches out to us to check in and ask how it’s going,” said Willingham.

There is no software anywhere that can speed up contracts, from intake information to signature, the way RedTeam can.

The challenge

However, T.U. Parks’ ability to provide such effective results was sometimes hindered by outdated software that was slow and limited efficiency. They knew they needed to invest in a construction software and set out to find one that would benefit the company as a whole. After talking to a few major industry names, including Procore, the company realized they needed a true industry partner focussed on value and customer service. That’s when T.U. Parks turned to RedTeam’s construction collaboration platform to gain efficiency across all aspects of construction project management from preconstruction to final close out.

The solution

After implementing RedTeam two years ago, T.U. Parks found that the platform helped the company speed up contracts, easily track all stages of the submittal process and organize contract-related documents in a single location accessible from anywhere.

T.U. Parks also appreciates the metadata RedTeam captures and stores for every part of the construction process, noting that this provides an easily accessible record of every interaction and eliminates the time it takes to manually locate information.

RedTeam is proud to support T.U. Parks’ continuing construction excellence by providing a single, integrated platform that enhances collaboration, improves productivity, and captures comprehensive metadata critical to operational efficiency.