Journey C+D Group Inc.: Reached New Heights with RedTeam

Journey C+D Group Inc., is a full-service general contractor, design/build firm, and construction manager specializing in Commercial, Government & Mixed-Use projects. Journey believes that “building with the experience in mind” creates a successful project that is not about closing the project out but creating value for their clients to make their “Journey” a memorable one. As they say in their mission statement, “The Journey will dictate the future!”

Redteam helps us save time during the RFQ and estimation process, which helps us to be more prepared prior to bid date.

Clifford L Moore | President

The interview

Clifford L Moore, President of Journey, shared that RedTeam was “Very user-friendly” compared to their previous software and the “process to create contracts and billing did not have a seamless flow like RedTeam does.”

Moore also commented on some of RedTeam’s best capabilities, his favorites include:

  • The Ease of contract creation
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online
  • The FieldShare app for real-time communication
  • The Paperless Submittal Approval Workflow

RedTeam also helps Moore to ensure that Journey has a competitive advantage in the marketplace.