T&G: Reinvests Time After Implementing TeamPlayer

T&G Constructors is a commercial general contractor that does business in 23 states. Its services range from planning and preconstruction to management and post-construction for the hospitality, entertainment, and education industries.

The company has been using RedTeam for almost 15 years since the software’s conception in the construction project management industry. Julio Claussen, Project Manager for T&G, said, “When you don’t have software to help you manage your projects, there’s a big difference in the workflow. It’s an asset in every aspect of construction.” When TeamPlayer by RedTeam was introduced, the company was quick to use our newest mobile application.

Before TeamPlayer, I would spend a couple of days reviewing invoices, around 8 hours of my week. With TeamPlayer, I can wait to have all of the invoices in, and I only spend one hour reviewing them. So, 1/8th of the time.

Devin Morris | Project Manager

The challenge

T&G Constructors works hard to provide total project delivery from planning and conceptual design through completion. Integrity and quality workmanship are the cornerstones of their mission as a construction company. Before using TeamPlayer, T&G Constructors’ process of tracking documentation like invoices and billing was time-consuming and inefficient.

The solution

The company applied for our beta program of TeamPlayer to see its impact on their project management workflow. After the final product release, they have stuck with TeamPlayer because of the benefits of its features. The software allowed PMs to be on the same page with subcontractors on billing, and they were able to view all invoices in one location. It created a streamlined process that reduced time and increased efficiency.

Streamlining Documentation in a User-Friendly Format

TeamPlayer is a subcontractor collaboration app that improves collaboration among team members. It provides complete access to project information, streamlining communication, and facilitates critical workflows such as bidding, negotiating, contracting, compliance, and billing.

“Since the software is extremely user-friendly, you save a lot of time working on invoices, and the communication is much more streamlined,” said T&G Project Manager Julio Claussen. “We have contractors telling us they’re able to work on invoices from their truck and send any information with the click of a button.”

We often see that with many subcontractors adopting a new product is always a challenge. Often we hear from GCs that their concern is that contractors have to be tech-savvy to use new software. But the project managers and contractors from T&G Constructors say otherwise.

“The past projects I’ve worked on using TeamPlayer, I’ve worked with very small companies and very large companies, and the learning curve for both companies was equal. They’re learning something new, but it didn’t matter if they had experience with technology or not,” said Morris.

Reinvesting Time to be More Efficient

“Having more time for my projects helps me look at the details, the day-to-day operations, and communicate with other team members to build a quality project,” said Morris.

“With TeamPlayer, we can schedule the week, and it’s fine. Without it, if something came up, we’d have to go over invoices constantly throughout the week causing inefficiency,” said Claussen.

T&G Constructors was spending one day a week managing invoices, and now they’re down to a couple of hours a week. Between 3-4 projects, there’s an average of 18 invoices a month. Around an hour was spent on each invoice, but with TeamPlayer, the time was reduced to ten minutes.

“With a click, you know where subcontractors are with billing and invoicing and can approve the documentation in a matter of seconds.”