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Fieldlens by RedTeam: One solution for all project stakeholders

Fieldlens improves efficiencies for global construction jobsite teams, enabling seamless collaboration and communication no matter where they are. So you can minimize rework and avoid construction delays.

Our solution focuses on these key elements:

General Contractors

Fieldlens users can better manage all aspects of a project at any time from anywhere, using the real-time information and field data features. Access critical data instantly with our daily reporting and point-and-click functionality to better manage all aspects of the jobsite activity using real-time information and field data. Track each project with updates from your team, supported by the mobile application’s automatic daily log, alerts and notifications. Ensure efficient project workflows by sending messages to your team in the office and field as response to changes or updates.

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Trade Partners

The key features in Fieldlens inform trade partners of jobsite updates, changes, or modifications as they occur. From tracking material resources, RFIs, and punch items, to updated drawing plans, everything is documented in one centralized hub, keeping trade partners in the field aligned with the architects and engineers in the office.


Fieldlens enables MEPS, HVAC and other subcontractors to post pictures, markups, videos, and updated job changes, making it easier for them to complete their specific tasks and close out issues on time. Our cloud-based software provides automatic reports to the team at the end of each day with updated, accurate information and clear direction on who did what, when.

Architects and Engineers

With Fieldlens architects and engineers can monitor plans and drawing changes, ensuring their project is progressing with up-to-date information. Now you can host and mark up PDF drawings directly in Fieldlens, apply changes and share them instantly with the team in the field.

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