Collaboration simplified.

Subcontractor relationships secured.

Efficient collaboration between contractors and subcontractors

Built by contractors for contractors, the complementary add-on app TeamPlayer for RedTeam Flex is included with your RedTeam Flex subscription. Contractors like you leverage the solution to manage vendor relationships and provide their subcontractors a portal to manage their project documentation. 

Facilitating subcontractor collaboration through TeamPlayer gives the subcontractor instant access to project information including: the team member contacts, planroom and status of their contracts, credentials & insurance certificates, waivers, change orders and invoices. Experience streamlined collaboration on critical documents and transactions as well as faster day-to-day performance updates in real time.

Easier billing, faster payments

Construction billing can be complicated and time-consuming for contractors, subcontractors and project owners. Improperly prepared or non-conforming applications for payment slow your cash flow and require costly administrative intervention to correct.

TeamPlayer facilitates efficient communication and collaboration in a secure environment, protecting contractors and subcontractors by producing verifiably authentic contract documents, data and metadata.

Electronic applications for payment, or “eApps”,  created with TeamPlayer streamline the subcontractor invoicing and payment process. RedTeam Flex has a $10 charge per eApp transaction when collaborating with subcontractors via TeamPlayer. Contractors may choose the amount of this fee that is covered by the vendor and the amount they pay themselves.

At RedTeam, we fully support your subcontractors in the preparation and submission of their eApps. Our support team will assist them through the entire process, so their applications for payment are complete, submitted and routed for approval by your team without uploading or tedious data entry.

What else does TeamPlayer offer?

Subcontractor collaboration

Subcontractors can save valuable time by accessing their requests for quote, subcontracts/purchase orders, change orders, vendor invoices and a link to the Planroom in a single place. Negotiation and collaboration are conducted and logged within TeamPlayer, keeping everything streamlined and organized for you and your subcontractors.

Request for quote

Subcontractors can receive requests for quote also known as invitations to bid through TeamPlayer. They can also access the Planroom on their mobile device and collaborate with you, allowing them to offer you the best option in a timely manner.

Powerful document collaboration

RedTeam Flex's powerful collaborative console is extended to TeamPlayer. Real-time collaboration on documents includes both comments and attachment options to provide additional detail and clarity when negotiating subcontracts, change orders and vendor invoices. All interactions are captured in one location, so they are never lost in email chains or text messages.

Subcontracts and change orders

Subcontractors can view contracts and change orders and communicate with you via the collaborative console. Once change orders are executed and accepted by both parties, they are available to bill against for payment in TeamPlayer. Streamlining processes is easier than ever.

AIA-Style G702-703 Application and Certificate for Payment

Subcontractors are able to create AIA-style G702-703 applications for payment directly from TeamPlayer. The application for payment is built based on the agreed-upon schedule of values from the contract and any approved change orders executed by both parties. The scheduled value for any line item cannot exceed the planned value and individual line items on the application for payment can be approved or rejected to have payments approved and processed more efficiently. This allows the subcontractor to react quickly and saves all collaborators time on every application for payment.

Contractors tell us that they save
up to $40 per eApp using TeamPlayer

TeamPlayer has simplified the invoice payment process for us and our subcontractors and saved everyone time and money. The tool enables our subcontractors to easily submit electronic payment applications including lien waivers, insurance certificates and other required documentation thus reducing the effort spent obtaining and tracking information needed to process payments. TeamPlayer is intuitive and easy to use and RedTeam has provided prompt and friendly support ensuring that our subcontractors have a good experience with the solution.
Our organization wanted to add the TeamPlayer option to our RedTeam [Flex] platform but had several questions about how the invoicing process would work and how to integrate it with our internal processes. The representative from RedTeam took immediate action, called, and led us through training (even though it was after hours), and helped us to create a training module to share with our team. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the professionalism of the organization and the responsiveness of its team members.
Before TeamPlayer, I would spend a couple of days reviewing invoices, around 8 hours of my week. With TeamPlayer, I can wait to have all of the invoices in, and I only spend one hour reviewing them. So, 1/8th of the time.

Work when and where you want

TeamPlayer facilitates collaboration by connecting you to subcontractors and trade partners. We make it easy for all collaborators to access and respond to critical documents and transactions and share instant updates, whether they’re at the office or the jobsite.

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