RedTeam Product Releases: February 17, 2023

WIP Report Enhancements

This latest update to the WIP report in RedTeam Go will allow for more flexible and approachable usage. The enhancements mentioned below will provide Accounting Users with flexibility to manage their WIP report however they see fit.

WIP Report Enhancements

Who is impacted by this update?

Anyone who manages uses the WIP report. Typically Project Managers, Executives, and Accountants.

Why would you use it?

WIP reports can provide valuable insights into the status of ongoing projects, and help managers make better decisions about resource allocation, cost control, and revenue recognition. With the enhancements we made we are allowing for more flexibility and data management.

How to use this feature

There are no changes to the location of the WIP Report but there will be additional buttons users can now click; “Refresh” to pull data in on demand instead of waiting overnight, a Date/Time stamp on the report to show when the data was last pulled, and the ability to toggle between Active/Inactive/Both projects.

Additional Updates

  • Link Schedule Tasks to Project Dashboard: Schedules link on the project dashboard now connects to the tasks on the schedule