RedTeam Flex Product Releases: March 15, 2024

More Usability and Efficiency Updates in RedTeam Flex this March

The RedTeam Flex March release updates focus on providing you with more usability and efficiency enhancements. Now you can enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your organization; ensure data accuracy with updates to how we track units of measure and can more easily access our self-help resources.

RedTeam Flex Help Center update

Available now: We’ve made some updates to the RedTeam Flex Help Center to make it even easier to access all of our self-help resources 24 hours a day. Quickly access our library of help articles, step-by-step training videos and webinars on-demand. Now they’re available all in one easy-to-find location. Whether you’re a new user looking to get started or an experienced user seeking to enhance your skills, we’re here to provide the support and resources you need to succeed with RedTeam Flex.  

RedTeam Flex Help Center update

Who benefits the most from the updated Help Center? Why would you use it?

Utilize the RedTeam Flex Help Center to maximize productivity and efficiency, and  learn about features you need to successfully carry out your tasks. Whether you’re new to RedTeam Flex or looking to brush up on some product skills to more effectively complete tasks, the Help Center is a great resource.

In the help center, you’ll find:  

  • In-depth help articles to learn about how to use a new feature
  • Short training videos to fine-tune your RedTeam Flex skills
  • Webinars on-demand to learn some tips, tricks and benefits of some of our most used functionality

How do you access and use the RedTeam Flex Help Center?

Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner to access your Profile menu. You’ll find our Help Center items listed, as shown above. Help Articles will take you directly to our library of help articles, where you can search for content using keywords. Training Videos will navigate to our extensive library of training videos. Topics include everything from general navigation to in-depth details about processes. Webinars will take you directly to our events page where you can access webinars on demand or sign up for upcoming webinars and events.

Additional information

For more information, please check out our help article about our Help Center. You can also access the Help Center content via the links below:

Help Articles  |  Training Videos  |  Webinars

Additional Updates

Available Now

  • Single Sign On for RedTeam Flex web and mobile

Updates have been made to Single Sign-On (SSO) for RedTeam Flex to increase efficiency when signing in to RedTeam Flex and managing user access. In addition to SSO for the web, you can now log in to the RedTeam Flex mobile app via SSO. If you use Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) for Single Sign-On, you can streamline the user experience for your team. Users will no longer need to remember a specific RedTeam Flex set of credentials to log in. Microsoft Entra ID also provides a setting to allow multi-factor authentication (MFA) to provide an additional layer of security.  

We currently offer SSO via Microsoft Entra ID, but we’re planning to offer additional solutions in the future. If you’re interested in setting up SSO, check out the following instructions or reach out to your Client Success Manager.

  • Update to Units of Measure

Available since February 29: We’ve made an update to Units of Measure to streamline your experience and ensure data accuracy. Existing units of measure for Labor have been standardized for hours, days, weeks and months. This aligns them for consistency across your projects. This standardization ensures clarity and uniformity in your data, making it easier to track and analyze project data. 

When adding a Labor Authorization in the Buyout tab, the ‘Duration’ field will display the singular and plural forms of measure, for example: ‘Day / Days’. In the Configuration menu, under Units of Measure, we’ve added a validation for all fields. This ensures units of measure aren’t duplicated. There’s a new warning message if you attempt to add a duplicate unit of measure when you add a new or edit an existing unit of measure. 

Note that units of measure are used when creating estimates, budgets and employee commitments. There are no changes to any functionality from a user perspective. You’ll simply notice that the dropdown menus for Duration will display the singular and plural versions of duration measurements.

  • TeamPlayer for RedTeam Flex: Update to Billing for Stored Materials

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Flex allows your vendors to enter their invoices directly into RedTeam Flex for your review and approval. We’ve made an update to make it even easier for vendors to submit their billing efficiently. Billing for Stored Materials presentedsome inconsistencies between the two billing methods available (This Period / Completed to Date). The calculation for Progress Percent has been updated to include Presently Stored Materials + Completed to Date. In addition, the radio buttons to select Amount or Percent Complete have been removed. This makes it easier and faster to update either one without extra steps. We’ve increased consistency for both billing methods to make TeamPlayer easier to use and reduce the number of rejected invoices due to errors entering the billing amounts.

To learn more about TeamPlayer and how Vendors can bill for Stored Materials check out our Help Article and the TeamPlayer tour on our website. 

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