RedTeam Product Releases: June 22, 2023

Drawing Hyperlinks

Available now: automatic and manual hyperlinking for Plans & Specs. This new feature is intended to save you and everyone who accesses your drawings time in navigating through drawing sets. By applying hyperlinks anywhere on a page that another sheet from the set is referenced, you can quickly navigate to that other page.

RedTeam Flex drawing hyperlinks

Who is impacted by this update?

Anyone who uploads and views Plans & Specs, typically Estimators, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, and Superintendents.

Why would you use it?

When reviewing the drawings for a Project, you probably spend time navigating to other sheets referenced on a specific page. This update makes that process easier by applying a clickable hyperlink to quickly take you to that page for more information. 

How to use this feature

When uploading Plans & Specs, hyperlinks will be generated automatically on the PDF files. After the automatic hyperlinks have been processed, you can open any file, and go to the Redline Markups to open the Drawing Links manager and adjust or add hyperlinks as needed. 

Additional information

This feature is in the final stages of development and testing and will be released for all RedTeam Flex users in May. Check back to the Releases page for updates.

Tax Venue Configuration Updates

Available in July

Coming soon: changes to the way Tax Venues are configured for your company.

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