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RedTeam Go and QuickBooks: Seamless integration of construction project and accounting management

Combine your construction project and accounting data—never lose track of financial information

The RedTeam Go and QuickBooks integration provides small- to medium-sized contractors a smart project management solution to effectively manage their construction project financials. From real-time information on payment status to instant updates on work completed. Project managers, accountants, subcontractors and owners all benefit from the seamless transfer of data between QuickBooks’ accounting systems and RedTeam’s easy-to-use project management software solution, RedTeam Go.

Automate and standardize your construction project management

RedTeam Go is a project management solution built for commercial general contractors to bid, build and track great projects. RedTeam Go brings efficiency, visibility and accountability by streamlining back office and field operations, providing general contractors with the necessary documentation on the project from preconstruction through close out proceedings.

Save time

Mitigate and reduce risk

Simplify processes

Accounting features to manage your construction project financials

Explore the RedTeam Go features

Bid invitations

Plan and spec out distribution of work and send invitations to bid

Contract and purchase orders creation

Leverage RedTeam Go for draft preparation, creation of base bids, units and alternative price verification. Once contracts and POs are created, manage delivery, track updates, send for signature and manage any owner and vendor changes.

Budget preparation

With RedTeam Go you award bid amounts and track any changes from bid to budget.

Change management

Prepare, execute and deliver change orders with RedTeam Go. Set meeting deliverables and easily manage requests for information (RFIs).

Accounting updates

Manage budget adjustments as necessary throughout the construction project and never lose sight of subcontractor bills or insurance expiration timelines. With RedTeam Go you can even prepare substantial completion notices to keep owners and other stakeholders informed of project progress.


With RedTeam Go managing contractors bills is easy. Code all your subcontractor invoices and secure notaries and signatures before final approval and submission.

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How RedTeam Go and QuickBooks work together

Seamless support for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

The integration between RedTeam Go and QuickBooks’ product suite enables the efficient transfer of financial construction project data for all QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop plans.

Budget management

The integration with QuickBooks solutions allows customers to sync and manage their budgets as well as change orders from RedTeam Go to QuickBooks. Customers easily track their budgets and manage progress in a single solution.

Subcontract management

RedTeam Go enables project managers to accurately push subcontractor bills to QuickBooks, ensuring customer data, job data and estimate data match exactly to their counterparts in QuickBooks. Any cost items created and added to the job that appear on a sub's bill will already be added to QuickBooks before bill generation.

PO and cost management

RedTeam Go helps streamline the purchase order and cost commitment process with QuickBooks. It creates and maps purchase orders (PO’s) to customers and jobs in QuickBooks and creates vendors using data from RedTeam Go. Payment methods can be mapped via QuickBooks and field PO's can be pushed as a vendor bill once approved and accepted.

Owner bill management

When an owner bill is signed, RedTeam Go will generate an invoice against the job in QuickBooks. RedTeam Go will match what is on the Schedule of Values (SOV). The invoice will consist of one line with the description ‘Invoice’ and the corresponding pay application number from RedTeam Go.

RedTeam’s commitment to you

RedTeam offers ongoing support for the integration of its software, RedTeam Go, with QuickBooks. This includes providing users with access to its integration guide, troubleshooting support and assistance with any technical issues.

Configuration and Maintenance Transactions

Configuration + maintenance transactions - RedTeam Go & QuickBooks integration

Working Transactions

QuickBooks and RedTeam Go integration working transactions

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