Cloud financial management

for commercial general contractors

RedTeam Flex and Sage Intacct: Your integration for construction and cloud financial management

Connect operations and accounting teams on your construction projects with the cloud-based integration of RedTeam Flex and Sage Intacct

The RedTeam Flex and Sage Intacct integration for cloud financial management provides your construction teams with the latest financial information, streamlines contracting and disbursement authorization workflows and reduces duplicate work, while providing the accounting team with real-time data upon every completed activity.

Reduce risk, control cost and increase predictability on every construction project with RedTeam Flex

RedTeam Flex is a highly customizable construction management solution trusted by many construction professionals. Designed to help mid- to enterprise-level general contractors manage their construction projects from start to finish:

Construction financial management with RedTeam Flex

Financial management

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Employee time recording

RedTeam Flex offers each employee the ability to capture their time as overhead or for a specific project scope, regardless of whether they are working on a web or mobile device.

AIA-Style progress and cost-plus billing

You can produce detailed AIA-style billing as progress billing or cost-plus billing. Send documents to clients for approval and track payments received.

Paperless invoice validation and approvals

Go 100% paperless and validate vendor invoices against the commitment schedule of values and credentials like Certificates of Insurance as part of your internal invoice approval process digitally in RedTeam Flex.

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Bid management

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Request bids

Solicit quotes from vendors and set qualifications based on insurance requirements, locations, levels of experience and more, using RedTeam Flex’s Estimating functionality. Use bid-leveling to compare vendor quotes side-by-side to easily select the best bid.

Build your estimates

Select cost codes and assemblies to build out your cost estimate. Add supplemental markups for pass-through costs such as insurance or bond premiums and pricing markups for overhead and fees.

Interactions for business development

Within RedTeam Flex, you can track your interactions for potential upcoming projects. Once you’re ready, convert opportunities to prepare a bid. Record all related events and access your team’s experience with the account to build a stronger customer relationship over time.

Manage unlimited opportunities

Compare your competitive score with peer contractors. Use the opportunity management reporting tool in RedTeam Flex to be more aggressive with any upcoming opportunities.

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Workflow management

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Collaborative submittal process

Request submittals; create and send submittal packages for review; manage revisions and notify vendors of review status. The history of each step is saved.

Easily manage and track change orders

Access key change logs with one click. Manage vendor quotes, create a cost estimate and issue or negotiate a change proposal in minutes. Change orders can be quickly created, sent and authorized. All change history is stored.

Gantt scheduling tool

You can import files with Microsoft Project as well as create a Gantt schedule manually in RedTeam Flex. As you update and publish your Gantt schedule, the information is instantly available on your mobile devices and in the Planroom.

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“Live” WIP reports

All financial information from your projects is readily available to you and your team in real time. Each project has its own detailed budget, controls and reporting. RedTeam Flex generates a live work-in-progress (WIP) report giving you complete visibility into your organization’s financial health.

Construction reporting

Detailed reporting and filtering options give RedTeam Flex users extensive data at their fingertips—from pulling financial reports to accessing RFI logs and owner reports with one click.

Progress reporting

RedTeam Flex helps you connect Gantt milestones and progress reporting updates to determine percentage complete for each schedule of values line item, allowing you to determine billing percentages.

Tracking of all metadata

RedTeam Flex tracks when a report is sent, opened, clicked, printed or responded to. Collaborators have visibility into document history via the collaborative console and your internal team has access to the metadata log for added transparency.


Whether you track the number of vendors bidding on your project or determine where submittals are in the process, RedTeam Flex’s analytics will keep you updated in real time. View critical commitments, change orders, RFIs and more on your dashboard for key project analytics in one location.

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The cloud-based integration for RedTeam Flex and Sage Intacct—how it works

Our most robust accounting integration, the cloud-based integration of RedTeam Flex and Sage Intacct, allows commercial general contractors to track their construction project financials, while providing accounting teams with real-time updates on vendors bills and invoices, employee expenses, job cost transactions and more.  Users can link new RedTeam Flex projects to Sage Intacct by entering a Sage job ID into RedTeam Flex. Once linked, every new activity will push and pull the following transaction types into and from Sage Intacct.

Configuration and Maintenance Transactions

Sage Intacct and RedTeam Flex integration configuration transactions

Working Transactions

Sage Intacct and RedTeam Flex integration working transactions
*We recommend creating customer invoices in RedTeam Flex to push to Sage Intacct as AR invoices. You do however have the option for teams to create AR invoices in Sage Intacct and pull them into RedTeam Flex.

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