RedTeam Selected in BuiltWorld’s 2021 Project Software 50 List

RedTeam Software, a leading construction management platform for contractors, is proud to announce its selection in BuiltWorlds’ 2021 Project Software 50 list.

BuiltWorlds explores innovative software solutions in Accounting and Payment, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Collaboration and Document Management, ERP Systems, Project Management, QA/QC, and Safety Management and Reporting. The list features leading companies offering cutting-edge project management technology and tools. 

“RedTeam has continued to innovate with its subcontractor collaboration platform recently introduced (TeamPlayer) as well as the recent acquisition of Fieldlens,” said Michael Wright, founder of RedTeam.

The recognition marks the second year in a row that RedTeam Software has been selected in BuiltWorlds’ Project Software 50 list. The selection highlights the company’s commitment to providing construction professionals end-to-end visibility on projects through exceptional collaboration using cloud-based software.

RedTeam is proud to acknowledge its selection in this year’s list and looks forward to building upon its solid foundation as a leading construction management software provider in the industry.