RedTeam Software Launches Unique, Enhanced Preconstruction Capability for Its RedTeam Flex Solution

New, fully collaborative features address common critical pain points faced by commercial contractors in the early stages of construction projects

ORLANDO, Fla. , Nov. 30, 2023 — RedTeam Software, a leading construction management software company, announces major enhancements to the preconstruction capability for RedTeam Flex, its cloud-based solution for end-to-end construction management. The latest updates promise to save time, improve efficiency and reduce risk for both contractors and owners, from preconstruction through project closeout. They benefit general contractors, and provide unique support to those overseeing Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) projects by facilitating real-time collaboration and financial transparency.

RedTeam Flex’s new preconstruction functionality and enhanced set of features are fully collaborative. The capabilities support the new innovative workflow designed to enable those running CMAR projects and those looking to streamline their suite of preconstruction software tools. Access to project information and the ability to work simultaneously on documents extend beyond the general contractor’s estimating team to all project stakeholders, including architects and engineers, subcontractors and project owners. 

 “These enhancements further advance the preconstruction capabilities in RedTeam Flex, solving for many of the pain points experienced by preconstruction teams,” says Michael Wright, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at RedTeam. “The streamlined, efficient tools and processes starting at preconstruction will deliver dividends throughout the life of a project, in terms of time, simplicity, teamwork and visibility.” 

The new preconstruction capabilities and enhanced features include:

An easy-to-use, step-by-step guided workflow provides a central place for all critical project setup and preconstruction tasks. The streamlined process saves time and improves project setup and configuration, minimizing challenges and risk throughout the project. Users can easily take advantage of all of the standardization and configuration benefits that RedTeam Flex has to offer.

The upgrade to the cost estimate in RedTeam Flex now supports hard bids and negotiated pricing for construction managers. The spreadsheet-style interface with unbreakable formulas and simultaneous calculation of cost and price provides a desktop-class performance, powered by an underlying proprietary technology. It reduces the need for offline or supplemental manual computations, which streamlines updates to preconstruction pricing scenarios.

Bid packages help ensure complete scope coverage and provide a fast, effective way to collaborate with trade partners and obtain quotes. Users of RedTeam Flex can create bid packages consisting of one or multiple cost codes. Vendors can submit their quotes online, saving contractors and their vendors time when bidding for the work. 

Contractors can leverage advanced bidder search, using criteria such as vendor qualifications and credentials.

Bid leveling provides a simple, efficient way to compare vendor quotes side by side. A unique feature called quote cards summarizes comparative cost analytics and cost comparisons. Support for multiple awards, split assemblies and selection of best quotes simplify incorporating vendor pricing into cost estimates, as best quotes instantly update project cost and pricing.

RedTeam Flex supports three key proposal types: Fixed Price, Time & Materials and Construction Management for new projects and change order proposals. Users can save valuable time as they create professional-looking proposals from the data entered during preconstruction. Standard pricing details are automatically included, greatly reducing risk and the need for error-prone manual input.

The upgrades made to the project setup and preconstruction features in RedTeam Flex provide unique functionality for those running CMAR projects. At the same time, all project stakeholders will benefit from a connected stream of data from project start through closeout, that enables them to better manage the risk.

About RedTeam Software

RedTeam Software is a growing construction management software company built by contractors who understand construction. The cloud-based software solutions are designed to help contractors face the day-to-day challenges of commercial construction. The company’s suite of construction solutions features products ranging from jobsite management software to enterprise-level workflow, collaboration and construction management solutions. The solutions include:

RedTeam Go: Easy-to-use construction project management software, designed to simplify, automate and standardize tasks for contractors looking to save time and money.

Fieldlens by RedTeam: Intuitive construction jobsite management software for efficient, real-time collaboration among field, office and trade workers, that reduces rework and miscommunication.

RedTeam Flex: Highly configurable construction management software designed to help general contractors manage their construction projects from start to finish.

RedTeam won multiple awards in 2023 and appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2020 and 2021. Over 800,000 users worldwide manage a collective $18 billion in construction work with RedTeam. For more information, visit redteam.com.