RedTeam Adds Automatic Hyperlinks as Latest Improvement for Drawing Management Workflows

New functionality enables faster access to project data, lower error rates and less administrative work for everyone on the construction project.

ORLANDO, Fla. June 7, 2023 — RedTeam Software, a leading construction management software company, announces its most recent improvement to the drawing management process in RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens by RedTeam: the addition of automatic drawing hyperlinks. 

Automatic hyperlinking functionality enables all project team members using drawings to easily access all information linked to project drawings, including other drawings, page links and related external web pages, directly from the office or jobsite. Team members on the jobsite save valuable time and are less likely to miss important details, preventing errors that may require rework. On the administrative side, the automatic hyperlinking feature creates time savings and improves document review processes in two ways. First, during the drawing upload process, hyperlinks between sheets are now automatically created, with the option to review and edit before committing the files. Second, project managers and administrators can use these hyperlinks to access and reference critical project information more efficiently throughout the project.

Automatic hyperlinks is the latest update in RedTeam’s ongoing feature enhancements for drawing management. It was developed to empower construction professionals to better manage their drawings and related workflows, resulting in lower costs and reduced risk. Previous updates include advanced drawing markups and overlay comparison capabilities in all of RedTeam’s solutions. These features ensure project stakeholders can easily upload, manage and annotate drawings—improving team communication and collaboration.

By delivering comprehensive drawing management tools to complement existing features, RedTeam aims to revolutionize construction workflows, reduce errors ‌and increase productivity across the entire project lifecycle. Betsie Hoyt, VP of Product at RedTeam, commented, “We’re focusing on enhancing our offering for highly-used workflows like drawing management to help construction teams improve their job productivity and error handling. With the new features, teams can have access to data faster, see lower error rates, and spend less time doing administrative work. It’s a win-win. You save time and money, while your team has a better user experience.”

For more information about RedTeam Solutions and their drawing management features, visit  RedTeam.com.

About RedTeam Software

RedTeam Software is a growing construction management software company built by contractors who understand construction. The cloud-based software solutions are designed to help contractors face the day-to-day challenges of commercial construction. The company’s suite of construction solutions features products ranging from jobsite management software to enterprise-level workflow, collaboration and construction management solutions. The solutions include:

RedTeam Go: Easy-to-use construction project management software designed to help simplify, automate and standardize tasks for small to mid-size contractors who are looking to save time and money.

Fieldlens by RedTeam: Intuitive construction jobsite management software for efficient, real-time collaboration among field, office, and trade workers, that reduces rework and miscommunication.

RedTeam Flex: Highly customizable construction management software designed to help mid to enterprise-level contractors manage their construction projects from start to finish.

RedTeam Software won multiple awards in 2022 and appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2020 and 2021. Over 500,000 users worldwide manage a collective $26 billion construction work with RedTeam Software. For more information, visit RedTeam.com.

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