RedTeam's mission

is your success

What we do

Who we are

Consider RedTeam’s experience the cornerstone of your success.

After many years in the field, we’ve gained valuable insight into developing rock-solid tools for hard-working people in the construction industry. Our tools are designed to lower the stress level and improve the satisfaction with all your construction projects.
RedTeam was built by experienced contractors who also understand the power of technology to enhance the construction industry. Our robust, comprehensive, and integrated software solutions include both customizable and ready-to-go products that have a proven track record. Contractors of all sizes benefit from our field and construction management tools to streamline workflow and achieve rewarding, successful project completion.

Why we do it

RedTeam knows first-hand that the construction industry is not easy! We’ve been there: on the ground, in the trenches, behind the scenes, but also ahead of the curve. And now, RedTeam is here for you, like a trusted colleague eager to share our time-tested learning. We believe that what we have built can also be the blueprint for building your success.
We understand about tight budgets, even tighter schedules, safety issues, client requirements, and the industry’s uncompromising demand for quality and accuracy. We appreciate how total project control—over schedules, quality, and cost— makes everyday operations more productive and less stressful.
Hard work doesn’t have to be tedious or dull. Our fast, fluid, dependable solutions deliver more control with less stress, making your job easier and more rewarding.

How we got here

Leadership Team

Jim Atkinson
Chief Executive Officer
Andy West
Chief Operations Officer
Betsie Hoyt
Vice President of Product Management
Eduardo Loayza
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Kristine Sheikh
Vice President of Marketing
Michael Wright
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Patrick Brien
Vice President of Revenue
Traci VanDalsem
Vice President of Client Experience