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FieldLens Featured in ENR!

We are so thrilled and grateful to Engineering News-Record for featuring FieldLens as an up-and-coming construction industry tech tool! Full coverage below: ‘Facebook of Construction’ Uses Timeline to Manage Projects By Tom Sawyer and Luke Abaffy The most important elements of social networking sites are their ability to share media, post comments and store all […]

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Adam Pfluger, CEO, Pfluger Builders

The Construction Industry as a Social Network

You know the game 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, we’ve developed a new version – it’s called 6 Degrees of the Construction Industry. You may be asking yourself why the FieldLens team would think of such a thing. Reason 1: When we’re not in the field visiting construction jobsites, we’re sitting in our office developing […]

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FieldLens Favorite Apps: Expensify

The FieldLens team is busier and busier as we get closer to launch (stay tuned…), and no matter how much we desperately pray for the day to magically sprout a few extra hours, it doesn’t happen. Thankfully there are mobile apps out there to help us maximize our time by making certain tasks easier than […]

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Celebrating American Construction Innovation

Construction innovation in America is an endless source of fascination among our team, and the 4th of July has us thinking about America’s iconic construction projects. Most of America’s iconic landmarks were completed using methods of construction that had barely changed in centuries – it blows our mind! As construction technology advances, it’s hard to […]

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FieldLens Favorite Apps: Dropbox

Whenever the FieldLens team sits down to discuss product development, we always ask ourselves this question before deciding if and how we will move forward: Is this app going to make the lives of construction professionals easier? That question filters through just about everything we do, including our blog, because making the lives of construction […]

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