Invision Construction & Development: Having Everything in One Place

Wondering if construction software is the right investment for your construction company? We spoke with the founder of a startup construction business to gain insight into how RedTeam has helped their company grow. We discussed key topics such as what it takes to start a construction company, why construction software is a crucial investment and advice for future construction entrepreneurs. Watch the full video here! Here are some of the highlights below.

The interview

We were able to catch up with Bennet Sebastian, founder and President of Invision Construction & Development, to discuss his startup construction company’s success using RedTeam Construction Software. 

Bennet created Invision Construction & Development a little over a year ago, and the company provides best-in-class commercial construction services in Orlando, FL.

The company offers a complete range of professional services from project planning, budgeting,  and construction management for commercial construction projects throughout the central Florida region. Its mission is to build trust and develop clients for life by delivering these services with high quality, integrity and value.

I have experience with both RedTeam and Procore from other companies before starting my own, and I knew I was going to have construction project management software but wasn’t sure which one. After having experience with those two, I chose RedTeam because it’s more user-friendly and significantly less expensive.

Bennet Sebastian | Founder of Invision Construction & Development

The challenge

Invision Construction & Development strives to provide high-end commercial construction contracting services that exceed client expectations. Being a startup construction company that has been in business for a little over a year, it was necessary to have construction management software to help them manage projects and build better client relationships. On top of that, the company didn’t want to use multiple applications to complete projects.

“Not having construction management software was not going to be an option. It was something I knew I was going to invest in, knowing that it would be integral to the business,” said Sebastian. “There are so many different applications from Microsoft Office to others that you have to juggle finding information, especially when they don’t integrate.”

The solution

Since its inception, the company chose to work with RedTeam Software to help with construction project management and has since seen greater project success and credibility with clients.

“Having everything in one place, everything looking professional, and having a consistent look makes it much easier to manage projects versus using excel and files. The organization of the platform allows me to find what I need instantly,” said Sebastian.

“There are so many components of RedTeam I take advantage of from scheduling that has replaced Microsoft Project, having a database of vendors, AIA applications, and the field management software. I’m glad everything is finally in one place,” said Sebastian.

Invision Construction & Development saw using RedTeam as an investment for their company because they view construction software as an integral part of the business that helps increase profits. Even on a small budget, rather than finding alternatives to using software, the company chose RedTeam.

“A very pleasant surprise I found was the service after the sale. The support is amazing because I can go into the chat feature, ask a question, and receive an answer immediately; I don’t have to submit a ticket and wait 24 hours.”