Hello Mobile Construction World

Welcome to Fieldlens

Hi there – Welcome to Fieldlens, a mobile communication and collaboration app designed for the construction industry. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

We’re excited to get to know all of you and thought you might like to know a little bit about us.

We believe that the health of the construction industry is fundamental to the health of both our great country and the world. Lofty statement, huh? We do tend to get a bit animated and excited every now and again. But think about it for just a second…construction impacts our lives in so many ways. Construction projects are obvious job creators, but it’s not just about the construction workers, project managers, architects, and engineers. The resultant infrastructure improvements that construction projects provide allow other industries to innovate and thrive too.

And it’s not just about economics – construction projects inspire us. Soaring skyscrapers, incredible bridges, and beautiful landscapes provide us with a sense of awe as we watch them come together, and continue to enhance our lives as we live, work, and play.

But there’s a problem. Construction professionals work really hard to provide all of us with these great benefits. Their jobs are complicated, stressful, and require non-stop critical thinking. And we don’t think the tools that have been provided to these hard-working people are good enough. So we’re going to work really hard to change that.

Construction professionals don’t sit behind a computer all day. They are in the field, traveling from jobsite to jobsite. Every time they step foot on a project they are faced with a myriad of new issues to deal with. We think their jobs will be much easier and much more efficient if they have access to critical project information no matter where they are. Mobile devices have changed so many things in our lives…it’s about time they have a truly significant impact on our work life.

That’s what FieldLens is going to do – fundamentally make the day-to-day work of construction professionals better. We are proud of our roots: we’re the right mix of construction folks, enterprise software folks, and awesome consumer internet folks. We think it’s about time that enterprise apps are downright awesome to use. Beautiful and functional design is incredibly important to us. We understand the problems you deal with and we promise to not only solve them but to provide you with a tool that you enjoy using.

We’re excited to tell you more about Fieldlens and get your feedback as we forge ahead. Please stop by and say hello.