Celebrating American Construction Innovation

Construction innovation in America is an endless source of fascination among our team, and the 4th of July has us thinking about America’s iconic construction projects. Most of America’s iconic landmarks were completed using methods of construction that had barely changed in centuries – it blows our mind!

As construction technology advances, it’s hard to imagine a time when every element of massive construction projects was done by hand – blueprints, measuring, leveling, nailing – almost nothing was automated or done by machine until the mid-1900’s. Instructions were given onsite and in person – not via phone, fax or email. The construction workers pictured below would not recognize the modern day construction jobsite.

The FieldLens team wishes everyone a happy, fun and safe 4th of July!

Golden Gate Bridge Construction
Empire State Building Construction


Progression of Empire State Building
Flatiron Building Construction.
Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
Pentagon Construction
Construction of St. Louis Gateway Arch.
From NPR.org.
Construction on the White House in 1950.
Courtesy of the Truman Library.
Hoover Dam Construction.
From USBR.gov