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FieldLens Favorite Apps: Expensify

The FieldLens team is busier and busier as we get closer to launch (stay tuned…), and no matter how much we desperately pray for the day to magically sprout a few extra hours, it doesn’t happen. Thankfully there are mobile apps out there to help us maximize our time by making certain tasks easier than […]

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Adam Pfluger, CEO, Pfluger Builders

You are a Tech Champ at Work. Your Boss Doesn’t Get it. Here’s What You Can Do to Help Your Company Move into the Future.

New Guy (fresh out of business school): We need to implement this new software program that will save us tons of time, tons of money, and will help the company operate more efficiently.  Here is the cost-benefit analysis that shows how much money it can save us (face beaming with pride at his own genius). […]

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