And We’re Back. Again. Really.

Ok, this time we are back and we mean it. Turns out that creating a revolutionary product and managing a startup is no easy task, and this blog has not received the attention it should. Things are starting to settle down relative to the last few months, and next week we’ll be making a big announcement, so you’ll see what we’ve been working so hard on this summer.

The root of our goal here at FieldLens, the reason we are developing a simple mobile technology for the construction industry, is because we want to make the lives of construction professionals easier and more efficient. This goes hand-in-hand with our social media goals. We don’t want to sit here and tell you how great our product is (it is) and that you should use it (you should). Well that’s not all we want to do. We want to provide content that is useful, instructive and interesting for our industry, and promotes discussion among those in, or interested in, our field of work.

As we go out and meet with various construction professionals, introducing them to our product, we are fortunate to get into conversations on what is currently happening in the industry and where it’s heading. We have the opportunity to sit down with real estate developers, general contractors, architects, engineers, etc., and learn their wants and needs along with the wants and needs of the customers they serve. The discussions that come out of those meetings are exactly what we plan to talk about here, along with any other interesting content we think you should know about.

We’d also really like to hear from you. Feel free to comment with questions about our product or to open up a discussion with us.

Our team has grown (see photos below), and you’ll be hearing from all of us – the tech team, the sales team, our CFO, and me, the CEO. FieldLens will regularly post on issues in the construction industry and we hope to hear from you on twitter @fieldlens, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.